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Because everything is improvised, no two matches are alike. Fans never see the same thing twice, and they return again and again to cheer on their favorite players. The audience yells suggestions and ultimately decides which team is the evening's winner. It's always fast, always funny and every show is appropriate for all, ages 6 and up.


Reservations Recomended
Ages 6+
Duration 1:40
Reserved Seating
Soda, Candy, & Snacks Served


Groups 10+
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"The most unique and fun improv event I’ve ever witnessed."

Erica Lynn


Improv, unlike most theatre, has no script. Because everything is made-up on-the-spot, no two matches are alike. 

Clean Comedy

ComedySportz prides itself in being able to provide a great experience for the whole family (Grandma included).

The Fouls

Every ComedySportz match is ran by a professional CSz Detroit referee. Their job is to explain the games, keep time, and call the fouls. These are there stories... DUN DUN.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.07.51 PM.png

Brown Bag Foul

If obscentities occur, either verbal or physical, the actlete or loyal fan must endure the embarrassment of wearing a brown paper sack for the remainder of that game. Should the foul be called on a player, his or her team will lose one point.

If you wouldn't say to your Grandma at Thanksgiving: don't say it at ComedySportz.
If you would say it to your Grandma... seek professional help


Groaner Foul

If the audience groans in pain due to a corny pun, the offending player must apologize. If the apology is considered sincere by an audience vote, no points will be lost. However, if the player’s expression of regret is deemed insincere, his or her team will lose one point.

What do you call two spiders that just got married?

Newly Webs

What do spirits ride at an amusement park?

A roller-ghoster

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